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Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System - Grill


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Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap System With Front grill cover for quick and easy inspection.The Vector Plasma Fly Light has a 3 year warranty(excluding bulbs and glue). Vector Plasma has the brightest wall mounted trap on the market with the quickest catch rate. Each trap has 2 each 36 Watt UV bulbs and one glue board. (Item A in Picture).

Dual glueboards for the Vector Plasma system provide maximum catch area. Ideal for use in food processing, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses and schools.

Utilizes ultraviolet light to lure the insect ot the trap where it becomes trapped onto a glue surface. There are no exploding of insect parts, the flying insects are trapped fully intact. Units should be placed approx. ever 50 ft.

The Vector Plasma is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive areas and locations with heavy fly pressure. Sensitive areas with a zero tolerance for flies will appreciate the quick catch stemming from the high UV output (72-watts). Areas with high fly pressure will see quick relief and reap the benefits of two high-capacity black camouflaged glueboards.

Vector meets all PDA and USDA guidelines and it may be placed in and around food preparation areas. Refer to Section 6-202.13 (B) of the 1993 Food Code

Product Dimensions

Length: 21"Width: 2.5"Height: 12.5"