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Gojo Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap Refill, 1200 ML


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Gojo Antibacterial Foaming Fruit Soap Dispenser Refill, 1200 ML. 2 per case.

This foam soap refill is designed for use in the Gojo Touch-Free soap dispensers. This hand soap refill is filled with a premium foam formula, which provides a rich lather that cleans and moisturizes skin, as well as killing unfriendly bacteria.

This liquid soap refill is much higher quality than some of the generic soaps you'll find on the market. With vitamin E and aloe incorporated into this hand soap refill, it is going to leave your skin supple and healthy even after regular and repeated hand washing. You also aren't going to be subjected to any strong soapy smells when refilling your dispensers with this hand soap refill. The soap has a fresh and fruity fragrance that will stand up against any foam soap refill on the market.

This foam soap refill comes with 2 soap refills in a package. Each is a 1,200 mL unit which is meant to fill exactly the 1,200 mL dispensers made by Gojo.

Premium Foam Antibacterial Handwash for use in GOJO TFX Touch-Free Soap dispensers (sold separately). Kills germs on hands while providing a rich, luxurious lather. Gentle on hands. Contains vitamin E and aloe. Fresh fruit fragrance. Translucent apricot color.